Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend – Family invaded by the Stomach Virus

Chloe has the stomach bug last Thursday. Poor baby vomited 11 times. My husband and I did our best to keep her hydrated and forced her to take sips of water. However, on Friday, she was not herself; Chloe had no energy, was sleeping a lot and would not drink or eat. I took her to the ER and they gave her an IV with some sugar in it and did blood work. They also gave her a medicine to stop vomiting. She screamed hysterically and pleaded with them not stick her with the needle. Thank goodness, my younger sister was with me. Chloe was in agony over the needle that she bites my sister’s finger. It was very heartbreaking. The blood work did show that she was dehydrated and her sugar was low. Shortly after receiving the IV Chloe regained her strength and started up conversation with anyone who came into her room. I promised her that I would buy her a new Barbie for being a strong little girl.

Since Chloe was feeling well we had decide to go away for the weekend. I know you all must think we are nuts for going away this weekend but I did not want to let my daughter down. Chloe was upset over the thought of us cancelling the weekend get a way. She has been looking forward to it. However, I knew that my son would come down with it next. However, my husband and I decide to take the chance.

Then on Saturday, Brady came down with it: exactly at 11 o’clock that night. I was lying down with him trying to get him to sleep. He was so cranky and had a hard time falling asleep. Then all of the sudden Brady vomited all over my hair and clothes. I wanted to vomit myself but I had to react quickly and call for my husband to help. My husband and I stayed by Brady’s side all night and early that morning we ended up in the ER with Brady. We had gone away with another family so Chloe was able to stay behind while we brought Brady into the ER.

I will remember this Memorial Day weekend for a long time. Even though the Stomach Bug invaded our family, we did try to make the best of it. Yes, we hit some rough patches along the way but the kids really did have fun. Well at least when they were not vomiting or being stabbed with needles.

By late Sunday afternoon, both kids were feeling 100% better. Chloe did not want to leave and gave us a little bit of a hard time. I told her that we would be going away soon and she came around.

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