Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finding An Answer

I find my self still struggling to find answers to my questions. It is so frustrating to parents when certain things happen that we have no control over. Chloe was hospitalized on Sunday and was released today. She has pneumonia again. At this point, I have lost count on how many pneumonias she has had. Chloe also had a really bad ear infection 2 weeks ago. These chronic infections that she keeps having are very worrisome to me.

From a doctors words today, “Mrs. Luis, I have no answers as to why she keeps developing infections. But, we hope to find out why”.

Chloe next week will be seeing her doctors at Childrens for follow ups. It is my hope that one of them will have an answer that I desperately want.

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MickeyMusing said...


I ran across your site when doing some research on functional asplenia. I am the Executive Director of a disease research organization called the PCD (primary ciliary dyskinesia) Foundation. PCD is characterized by heterotaxy syndromes and recurrent serious respiratory infection, including repeated pneumonia. My 26 yo daughter has PCD with polysplenia/functional asplenia. PCD is just one of a number of genetic disorders that can lead to these issues, but I thought I would at least mention it to you. The PCD Foundation's website is www.pcdfoundation.org for more info--Michele Manion