Friday, March 19, 2010


Chloe had a great gastroenterology check up yesterday.  The doctor said that she seemed to be doing well and we are not going to change a thing.  She will continue with Prevacid 30 mg once a day, 80 mg erythromycin 3 times a day and a tablespoon of marlex once a day.  Her next GI visit in 6 months – Yippee.  We were going every 3 to 4 months.  Chloe and I are very pleased that we do not have to return until September.  I am so happy that her stomach issues (GERD, chronic constipation, and Gastroparesis (slow stomach)) are doing a lot better.
Chloe also had a good immunology appointment.  The doctor was happy to hear that she only missed about 15 days of school since January.  Also compared to pervious years she has had less various infections.  Last year she only had 2 pneumonias, 1 bad ear infection, various colds and flu’s but overall her chronic infections have been getting a lot better.  I spoke to the doctor about trying to decrease the amount of meds she is on.  The doctor said to stop giving her the bactrim but would have to restart it in the fall.  However, if she develops an infection I am to contact her right away.  However, because Chloe’s allergies are getting worse we had to increase the Zyrtec to 10 mg once a day. The great news is Chloe does not have to go back until September.  Yippee!  My fingers are crossed that Chloe will stay infection free for the next 6 months and will not have to go back to be seen.
Brady also saw the immunologist.  He has allergies and asthma.  He is taking flovent, Zyrtec and Albuterol (when needed).   Brady will have to go back in for a recheck this April.
Next week, both kids will see genetics and Chloe will see her developmental doctor.  I am also hoping to have great feedback that I can share with you all.

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~Fran ~ Sanders ~ and or ~ Rick~ Sanders said...

GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE AND PROTECTED,AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH this life's event.If I can survive a broken neck learn how to walk ,talk,type,everything,all over again, You will be fine...Trust Me I have survived too many incidents and I am still here to encourage you on to bigger and better things to come .Never,ever give up never!!!